Gel Pigs and Viscous Gels for Pipeline Systems

Crosslinked or Uncrosslinked...

Viscous Gels

Aqueous or glycol based gel available in a wide range of viscosities with excellent debris pick up properties.

A crosslinked gel is primarily used for removal of debris within pipeline systems removing materials such as sand, grit, stones, rubble and other materials that reduce the pipeline diameter and thus flow rates.

The viscous gel will lift and retain debris while being pigged out of a pipeline system. The base is formulated to be crosslinked to provide a wide range of viscous gels to suit a lot of applications.
...performing different duties...

Viscous Gel Variations

Depending on the pipeline and the application one or more viscous gels can be utilised, each performing different duties. Each pipeline is assessed on a wide number of criteria to determine the optimal gel viscosities.

Gel technologies provide an efficient solution to increasing production (increased bore) and extending pipeline life (limit corrosion) by debris pick up.

Specifically targeting pipelines that require a low volume of cleaning material, low stress, fast solution for debris removal. Gel pipeline cleaning opens up a significant number of systems that are old or have never been cleaned or operate with a low pressure requirement.


Debris Removal

The viscous gel will lift and retain debris while being pigged out of a pipeline system.

Drinking Water Pipelines

A bespoke viscous gel can capture Iron & Manganese particles within it, leaving no residues and be disposed of at a treatment works.

Rising Main Pipelines

A bespoke viscous gel can capture debris particles within it, removing high volumes of grit and sediments leaving the main cleaner for longer, reducing pumping costs.

Product Separation

High value products can be separated using a viscous gel such that their is minimal wastage and re-processing.

Product Removal

Are you looking for a food grade gel pig that be used for product removal, thus making product batch changes more efficient?

Dewatering Pipelines

Use a gel pig and viscous gel to dewater pipelines as part of a Oil & Gas pre-commissioning project.

Gel Pigs

Custom made aqueous or glycol based pigs, flexible and adaptable to a wide range of pipeline sizes. Used for pigging, sealing and product removal. .

The aqueous gel pig is biodegradable and normally is used within 4 weeks of supply. After use the gel will breakdown or can be placed in a production stream where heat and low pH will destroy the gel pig.

Gel pigs are made in various diameters to suit pipeline requirements and are supplied in a custom built canister to match the pipeline specification.
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