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New Product: Gel Pellets

Using our expertise in gel formulation, combined with more than 40 years' fishing experience, we have created a new biodegradable, temperature stable, gel pellet.

Over time, (water temperature dependent) our Gel pellets will breakdown and therefore, eliminate that 'always fishing' scenario removing the need for plastics and foams to litter the lake bed.

"A potent and powerful addition to your angling"


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Note: not for sale to the general public (Jan 2023).
...Launching early 2023...

Bait Suppliers

Please contact us if you are looking for an innovative new bait to add to your product portfolio.

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Fishability is Key

Based on early consulation with leading bait suppliers, we set ourselves a list of 10 key elements that our Gel pellets (or viscous liquids) should have.

The key focus is a strong and reliable hookbait that ticked all the boxes for both match and pleasure Anglers alike, without falling off the hook or melting into a gel gloop.

Our mission is to deliver products manufactured with premium quality ingredients to deliver a consistent hookbait, all year round in a range of colours, flavours and sizes.

Our scentific insight focussed on the fishability properties of our unique gel formulations, such as structure, stability, texture, colour, flavouring & Amino release and temperature stability (everyone knows gels melt in the sun!).

Angler Feedback

Over the many years of development we have had skilled open standard matchmen and lake specialists testing our products on commercial lakes, primarily stocked with Carp and F1's.

Over time we got a true reflection of their performance and their feedback was invaluable using many different techniques such as long range pole fishing, waggler, margin fishing and method feeder, using the bait on the hook, banded and on a hair rig.

We know these pellets have caught all year round plus many different species such a Roach, Rudd, Ide, Bream, Chub and Tench.